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Our company is growing extremely quickly, and we’re always on the lookout for highly motivated professionals.  The work is fast paced and exciting, and we provide excellent career prospects, a great training and support network, and significant financial rewards to those able to excel.


Our mission is to fully integrate & connect the technology community we serve, and to act with openness, energy, and integrity to amplify the success of everyone we impact, so we can help build solutions that make the world a better & safer place.


We stand at at the threshold of an amazing future, with unlimited global communications, autonomous vehicles, clean energy and space exploration already commonplace.  Throughout the long arc of history, technical and scientific enlightenment have promoted decreasing cruelty and violence, and an increase in tolerance and well-being for all. 

We believe science and technology can provide a limitless source of solutions to many of the world’s problems.

The technology community is one where the actions of many working together in concert can produce results exponentially greater than those working alone - we believe an integrated, open and energized technology community that acts with integrity to breed success for all will make the world a better & safer place.

Core Values
360° Commitment to Success

Of ourselves, of the company, of our clients, of our team, and of everyone in the technology community we serve

360° Communication

Continual, open, honest, meritocratic, success oriented. Up & down, internal & external

360° Integrity & Professionalism

In work & out of work. In everything we do

360° Integration

Of the technology community. Of clients, engineers, colleagues, friends & family


Our vision is to build and support as many large, inclusive and vibrant tecosystems as possible. 

defn. (Bryn Neil Dictionary) - tecosystem - a blurred line collaboration between our development team, mission partners, customers, alumni and the wider technology community operating in a manner aligned with our mission. 


We will support our mission by building a fully integrated, distributed engineering team to support the technology community in which we operate.


By focusing on lifetime value, not just present value we will seek to fully integrate our engineering team with the larger environment in which we operate, blurring the lines between our engineers, our alumni, our clients, our network and the wider technology community. 


While we will avoid supporting products that are clearly detrimental to the greater good, we recognize that many technologies and businesses support others, and that unanticipated outcomes with derivative solutions can have far-reaching and beneficial consequences.  We will therefore seek to support the technology community as broadly as possible while remaining true to our mission.


In line with our core value of 360 Integration, our benefit philosophy is to provide the same benefits for everyone in the company, regardless of level or time served. We aim to provide benefits that are of value to everyone, not just a few, to cover all the core needs and cover them well. We've aimed to take the confusion out of an ever increasing array of benefit choices, make sensible decisions and pay for them for everyone. From the most junior developer to the most senior Vice President, we believe everyone deserves to know their wellbeing is taken care of.

  • Hours - we are focused around deliverables, not clock watching - as a company we have no "core" hours

  • Work Location - the location of our work is focused on balancing efficiency of the individual and their team

  • Medical - Bronze, Silver and Gold level plans. 80% paid by the Company. 

  • Dental - 100% paid by the company. 

  • Vision - 100% paid by the company. 

  • Life Insurance - 100% paid by the company. 1x salary to max $100,000. Guaranteed Issue

  • Long Term Disability Insurance - 100% paid by the company. 60% of earnings to max $8,000 month

  • Gym Membership - 100% paid by the company

  • 401k - automatic enrollment, 100% vested after 2 years. Low cost Vanguard funds with a 3.5% company match

  • HSA - company provided, employee funded

  • PTO - 3 weeks PTO plus paid holidays

  • Paid Military Leave - 2 weeks for eligible employees

  • Training - continual and based on business need - everyone in the company is eligible

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